Life Through the Looking Glass


“The one good thing about this world…there are always sure to be more springs.” -L.M. Montgomery

After a cold winter, it is lovely to see everything slowly coming back to life as the weather becomes warmer. I don’t mind the cold so much because I have a fluffy winter coat, but there is nothing quite like springtime.


I have a comfortable window seat that I use to make my observations of the outdoors. I find it very interesting to watch what goes on outside. This spot near the window just might be the best spot in the house.

This particular day was so nice. I looked up at the trees with their white blossoms and watched with amazement as the petals blew by in the wind. A flurry of white dots, it looked as if it were snowing outside.

Such a perfect day. I enjoyed feeling the warmth of the sun as its afternoon rays beamed down from the sky and onto my fur. There is nothing like basking in the sun on a spring day.


Here is a small glimpse of what I saw.

I was told this tree is a fruitless pear tree.

I will share a secret with you, trees are magical beings.



As I sat in the window, my siblings joined me. While sometimes we have sparred over territory (or treats), this day we all sat together happily and watched the world from our lookout. My sister Keiko was mesmerized by the petals blowing in wind. Benji, who is normally a hyper Bengal, seemed to be meditating while staring at the sky. We must have stayed there for hours, although it seemed like minutes. As we all shared the spirit of springtime happiness, I decided to get down from my perch so my sister could have my spot. She wanted to have a better view of the sunset.


They stayed there as the sun slowly lowered in the sky.


I am so happy springtime is here; more lazy days in the sun, more flowers, more happiness. Until next time…

With Love, Friend


Friend’s Top 10 Favorite Green Things

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

     May your blessings outnumber

shamrocks that grow.

 And may trouble avoid you

Wherever you go. -unknown

#1. Laxatone

#1. Laxatone                   Some cats may not like it, but I enjoy the taste. I only like a little at a time.

#2 and #3 - Mr. Blacks eyes/ Cat Grass

#2 and #3 – Mr. Black’s eyes/ Cat Grass. I can only a eat a little grass, but my brother Benji  (the Bengal) will eat the whole container unless someone takes it away. Mr. Black (above) enjoys grass as well. Mr. Black is on this list because of he has beautiful green eyes.

      #4 My nap pillow.

#4 My nap pillow. I like to do a dance before nappy-time. My humans say it looks like I am baking bread, but I am dancing.

#5 My froggy toy.

#5 My froggy toy. I love to snuggle with this toy. He reminds me of a family member.

#6. Mr. Frog

                    #6. Mr. Frog.                               I bet you were wondering how I could have a green family member. He is my brother even though he is a frog. I would never hurt him.

#7. Yum. Treats.

#7.Treats. Nothing goes better together than catnip and cheese. MmmMmmGood.

#8. Catnip!

#8. Catnip! Well, the bag isn’t green, but the good stuff inside the bag is. I may be an older cat, but this stuff makes me feel young again.

#9. Alien faces. Have you ever noticed how similar they look to cats? Perhaps they are our ancestors ... I think Georgio Tsoukalos (Ancient Aliens) may be onto something.

#9. Alien faces. Have you ever noticed how similar they look to cats? Perhaps they are our ancestors. I think Georgio Tsoukalos (Ancient Aliens) may be onto something.

#.10 Oscar the Grouch. He is so funny. I wish I was cool enough to live in a trash can.

#.10 Oscar the Grouch. He is so funny. I wish I was cool enough to live in a trash can like him. I used to live underneath a car a long time ago. I was homeless for awhile. I dreamed every night of having my own home. It took  a long time, but the humans found me and let me move in.

        St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time –

                a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams

        into summer’s magic. – Adrienne Cook

Frozen in Time.

Thoughts on Life

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” -Marcel Proust

Best friends forever.

This picture was taken last year. This is my best friend and brother, his name is Mr. Black. He is a little older than me, but sadly, his health is not what it once was. I enjoy each and every moment I get to spend with him. When I look at this picture, it brings me happiness to see such a special moment frozen in time for all to see.

Mr. Black and I are jazz fans. One of our favorite songs is by Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, it is called “Walking Shoes”. We jokingly call it “Walking Paws”. My human says when she hears it, she pictures Mr. Black in his younger years. She imagines him walking down a sidewalk in a beautiful neighborhood. It is springtime, the sidewalks are lined with violets and the fences have honeysuckle vines. She imagines Mr. Black stopping to smell the flowers and then excitedly chasing a butterfly. He continues on his walk, climbing onto tree branches and chasing after birds. Every person that he comes across is friendly and they offer him his favorite foods. He happily makes his way home around sunset after his daytime adventure.

I love the way music can inspire your imagination. The way it makes you remember events and the way you felt at a particular time. The way certain notes, tones, or a certain melody can evoke emotion.

Whenever I hear this particular song, I will always think of my brother. I will always remember our friendship and all of the happy days we had. I can only hope there will be more to come.

Hello world!


Hi. My name is Friend, and as you can see, I am a cat. I want to bring happiness to this world. I’d also like to make a lot of people smile and laugh. It seems that everyone has a blog or website these days, so I thought I’d give it a go. I have trouble typing because of my paws, but my human is helping me with that (although she needs to learn a few technical things …ahem Photoshop). I am hoping that my personal story will inspire people. I went from being scared and all alone to a beloved friend and cherished family member. It is pretty amazing how one simple act of kindness can change so many lives.

I hope to share my happiness with you. I also look forward to showing you my most handsome pictures, although I do have a few battle scars and I have gained a bit of weight. A few people said they thought I look like a raccoon cat. Is there such a creature? I think not. I am definitely a feline, Felis cutess catus to be exact. Although I will say, I do have smashing bobcat-like features.

I have a rather large family that consists of three feline siblings, two humans, a frog and a teddy bear. You will probably see my brothers and sister in some of the photo’s at a later date. I love jazz music, sleeping, sunbathing, snuggling and eating. As far as eating goes, tuna is my absolute favorite. Speaking of tuna…

It is almost time for my special treat, so I have to sign off for the night. I have so much I want to share with you, so I do hope you will visit me in the future.  Wherever you are, I hope you are smiling. Love, Friend